What You Should Wish For In 2016

Unsplash / Pixabay

Unsplash / Pixabay

Christmas is over and it’s that time of the year to make your new year wishes. If your thoughts are on your career and work, for sure a promotion and higher pay are amongst the top of your wish list. If I were the wish granting genie, I’d be bored hearing the same old shit from just about everybody, every year. Here’s some alternatives to wish for instead.


If your workplace is in some ulu places, wishing for more food stalls or kopitiams to be opened would be nice. Instead of eating the same old fare at every lunch time, wouldn’t it be nice to have something new on the menu? Or new food places to explore with your colleagues?


If you are heading to a new workplace, you got to wish for good new colleagues. You spend more time each day with colleagues than your own family so imagine if it’s a quarrelsome or ‘political’ colleague. On the other hand, if you are not moving to a new company, you can wish for a good colleague to join the company or better still, an eye candy.


A simple, down-to-earth wish would be that you knock off on time everyday. Add lesser or no OT to that and it’ll be perfect.

As simple as wishes go, if you get the above three wishes granted, it will certainly be more than you can wish for.

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