What Kind Of Superhero Do You Want To Be?

Prawny / Pixabay

Imagine if we were all superheroes and we get to choose three character/personality traits as our powers. What would you choose?

There are so many facets to life that you can’t possibly excel in everything so what I choose will be what I think will give me the best chance to succeed in most areas. Or at least distinguish me as a superhero.

So, if I take a step back and look at life, there are really just five main areas of concern in everyone’s life which you want to manage well and excel in. I may have missed out on certain areas but that’s just me. It probably means those areas mean more to you than me. Anyway. So, I’d imagine there is Family. Then there is Career. Friends. Health. And maybe Self.

Family are like the imaginary power supply to one’s life. The super battery that kind of works both ways in that when you are drained, you look to Family for the support and energy to keep going. On the other hand, it drains you much faster than any other areas in life if things go awry. And to a certain extent, every member of the Family is like the energy source to keep the Family bulb illuminated. When one source goes dim, it affects the brightness. Unless you have one source that wouldn’t be affected and will continue to shine bright or even brighter so that whatever happens, the Bulb will always maintain the same brightness. That’s where I will choose the first trait – Strength of Character.

Life is full of ups and downs that it is important that you let nothing get you down for too long. For that matter, it also means when you go dim for that split second, you wouldn’t let it affect the overall brightness of the Bulb. And that also means when one member gets dimmed, you shine even brighter and lift the gloom. You will brighten up the source and in general, everyone and everything around you.

Then there are Career, Friends and Health. But because we can only choose three character traits, I can only lump these three areas as a whole and look for one trait that will adequately serve me well in all three. I’d choose Perseverance.

You need to make choices in life and especially so in the aforementioned three areas in life. If you have made a choice, it must have gone through a thorough thought process so you need to believe in your choices and see it through. You don’t give things up halfway through. You need to persevere.

Be it in your career where you believe and envision a goal. You need to push on despite whatever obstacles that may come your way. Nothing is straightforward anyway. Likewise with Friends. If you see someone as a worthy Friend, an ally through life’s journey, never give up on the friendship even if you have had a misunderstanding. Persevere with the right ones and the right ones will persevere with you. Guess that applies really well to the bestest friend you’ll have in life – your spouse.

As with the former, Health is a decision you make everyday from the food you consume to the lifestyle you choose. Everyone wants great health and yet everyone falls by the wayside because of the temptations or being plain lazy. The biggest culprit though is the lack of Perseverance.

And finally, Self. Assuming everyone seeks to improve themselves and everyone has the same drive to be the best they can possibly be, the biggest differentiating factor in life would then be luck. If I can choose, that would be always Lucky. Imagine all the good things that come your way if you are continually lucky throughout your life. The opportunities, the windfall, the good stuffs that money can’t buy! What a life that would be!

So, those are my three choices as my powers. What are yours?

When I’m not at work, I’m into the arts, music and history. Football’s my other big love so if I’m not around museums and galleries, I’m probably on the field. If I still can’t be found, I’m having my me time.