Unethical Recruiters


Recently I received a call from a recruiter who had somehow attained a copy of my resume online. I may have deposited my resume with them previously to be fair.

What pissed me off was that after the recruiter went through the job description with me and I turned it down since I’m not looking for a job at the moment, she continued to persuade me to just give it a try even when I told her the scope isn’t what I had for my career.

After some consideration, I relented and told her ok, I’ll just explore but I’ll update my resume and send her over the weekend.

So, I sent her as promised and got a second call from her. She asked if I remember what the JD is like and then I requested for her to send me a copy so I can look through again. She thank me for the updated resume and said she will send the JD over.

It’s been two days and I just think this recruiter is totally untrustworthy and simply chasing her numbers or finding candidates to fill her numbers.

What kind of candidates do companies get from this agency? Candidates who weren’t too keen about the job. What kind of service do candidates get from this agency? Unethical service just to chase their sales.

Hope this let people know of such unethical practices among local agencies!!

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