The Six Types of Baddies In The Office

Republica / Pixabay

Everyone has someone who they don’t particularly like in the office. These people are as cliché as they come but sure enough every office will have at least one of them. Here are the five types of baddies in the office.

The Competitor
Some people are just ultra competitive. There are no allies. Everyone is a rival. The competitor has to win at everything. From being the first person in the meeting room to being the last person to leave the office. As if every imaginary win gets him nearer to a bigger paycheck or promotion. It’s one thing being competitive and another thing being irritating. The competitor brings kiasu to a whole new level.

The Backstabber
The backstabber will do anything to put a fellow colleague in a spot or in bad light. These type of colleagues are often equipped with another skill – good acting skills. They can appear well-meaning and all nice but you’ll never know the stories they spin or secrets they reveal to the boss. Unscrupulous.

The Rumormonger.
This person is also a storyteller. They have the ability to come up with enough materials for a trilogy movie franchise from just a tiny bit of hearsay and make their stories spread like wildfire. Rumormongers are often exceptionally keen to discover new stories to feed their own curiosity as well as source new materials for their next trilogy. Their stories are often based very loosely on actual events and bordering on pure fiction.

The Bootlicker.
In school, we have the teacher’s pet. In the office, we have the bootlicker. Always eager to agree and please the boss, the bootlicker is sometimes portrayed as the weak, cowardice character who is afraid to upset the boss. Other times, the bootlicker bootlicks hoping for favours in his career.

The Egomaniac.
This person is the Mr. Know-it-all – or so he thinks. The egomaniac thinks very highly of himself and wants to make sure everyone knows just how good and important he is. He doesn’t take criticisms well and some egomaniacs wouldn’t even bother to hear what you have to say.

The Tikopek.
This person has the most transparent perverted mind you’ll ever come across because almost every sentence is littered with sexual innuendos. Even the most innocent topic can be redirected into some uncomfortable topics which will turn fellow colleagues off. This colleague is usually a fine line away from becoming a sexual harasser.

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