The Gift You Should Be Giving As Secret Santa

Santa Claus has a present for you!

A gift exchange can be a dreaded affair if you don’t have a clue what to get. Rather than going through the motion and getting a random gift which will be tossed aside and then be seen as not putting in the effort, why not get a gift which will be appreciated? If you haven’t bought your gift, fret not. Here’s what should be in your thoughts when getting a meaningful gift:


The gift should be relevant for the receiver. Make a little effort to find out what he/she likes and work towards that direction. Similarly, if you know what the other party dislikes or shows little interest in, you have already eliminated a fair bit of possible inappropriate gifts.


Suffice to say, if you are getting something which is relevant and at the same time a limited edition item, why are you still reading this post?! However, as with most limited edition items, they are likely to be too costly for a simple gift exchange. That doesn’t mean you still can’t get something within the budget and yet it’s one of a kind. Or at least not easily available. It could be something pieced together or handmade by you – but definitely not a Star Wars stormtrooper toy.


You know your gift suck when it can be easily given out to anyone. You can be picked to get a gift for a David but the gift can be easily given to a Priscilla instead. Worse still, if your gift can withstand the test of time and be reused for Christmas Gift Exchange 2016…okay, you suck as a Secret Santa.


If your gift is relevant, not easily available but yet easily exchangeable, what do you do? Personalize it. Engrave the name and better still, put in the year 2015. There – you just made the gift non-exchangeable. And non reusable.

A heartfelt message

What if you still can’t find a good gift? Gift exchanges are meant to be fun, so don’t worry! You are exchanging gifts in a group because you know each other in some ways or another. Most people are not into it expecting to get a new iPhone 6s or some fancy skincare product. Get a simple gift, write a heartfelt message and celebrate your friendship. Because that’s what gift exchanges should be all about. A time to love, gather and enjoy the company. That’s what really matters.

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