The Four Questions Office Workers Cringe At During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner and every year while we collect the red packets and feast on the goodies, we get some uncomfortable questions/situations thrown at us each year. If you are an office worker, here are some that will reasonate with you.

1.Did you put on weight?

You hate this question, don’t you? If it’s fairly obvious then it’s definitely asking the obvious. Why ask the obvious right? Bad conversation starter. What do you expect from the long hours spent at work, heavy lunches and the lack of exercise? The last thing you want to be reminded is you are putting on the pounds. You then remind yourself you will start your diet tomorrow. Or after the Chinese New Year. The worst thing about this question is that it’s usually among the first questions asked at the first gathering. Miserable start.

2.Where’s your partner?

If you just went through a breakup, you probably wanna scream and then run home to your bed and cry even if it’s from East Coast to Boon Lay. If you are unattached then the umpteen times you repeat yourself at different visits makes you wanna give up on visiting altogether. Why is there this misconception that every working adult is attached or needs to be attached?

3.When are you getting married?

You think you are attached and safe from awkward questions until you hear this. Worse still, with your partner in tow, what are you supposed to answer without sending the wrong signal to your partner if you haven’t discussed this? Why do people not get it that a wedding is not like a light bulb where you flick it up and tahdah you are married. There are costs involved, not to mention the emotional stability and mental readiness? The relative probably meant well but assure him/her when the time is right, they will surely receive the red bomb.

4.When are you having a baby?

Again if you think you have escaped all these uncomfortable, awkward, insensitive questions just because you are married, you are wrong. The list of such questions never ends because people will get interested in your nocturnal activities. The worse is when they urge you on so your parents can have a grandchild to play with. Right. Who’s the one paying for the expenses and who’s gonna take care of the baby? Even worse when this question gets asked straight in the face of the couple where there’s been several behind-the-scene arguments on this. It’s not a pet but a lifetime commitment. Let the couples decide and plan.

You’d be lucky if you do not get any of these questions during Chinese New Year. That said, these questions are often asked with no ill intent so if it hurts your ears, just turn a deaf ear and enjoy yourself during the celebrations!

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