The 3 Most Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Christmas presents under the tree

The following content will probably relate to two groups of people.

The first group will read on and nod and agree, “ya… That idiot gave exactly that!”. Or they will go, “yup, sure hope I don’t get that this year!” This group will understand and know exactly how it feels.

As for the second group of people, I’ll get to that later.

Here are the three most unwanted office Christmas gift exchange items (if you have been assigned a particular colleague):

1. Towels, mugs & chocolates

Typically it fits into the gift budget of around $20 and boy, have these been exchanged since the beginning of time! These gifts just reek of don’t-care-la attitude. They may be useful but, definitely boring.

2. Recycled gifts

Oh wow. Actually it’s fine unless it’s one of the above. It’s only not fine if it’s the same gift you received last year from the same company gift exchange with pretty much the same group of colleagues. Get a life.

3. $20 gift vouchers

Unless it’s NTUC or some places where everyone shops, please don’t push your colleague to spend at a designated shop just so he/she can enjoy the Christmas gift. What’s more, most times you have to top up to buy in the shop because really, you can’t buy much with $20 at a shop that sells gift vouchers.

There you have it. The three most  detested gifts you can receive. Conversely, this means if you really really dislike this one colleague whom you have been assigned to as Secret Santa, you know what to get.

Yup. That’s the second group of people who will relate to this article.

Merry Christmas!

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