The 3 Most ‘Sian’ Situations For An Office Worker

Unsplash / Pixabay

One of the most common complaint you will hear from an office worker is he or she is damn ‘sian‘. Sometimes it could be a random complaint about the mundaneness of everyday life, other times it could be due to the boredom caused by an existing project. There are also certain situations where every office worker will feel ‘sian‘ and here are the 3 most ‘sian‘ situations:

Long work break

When you have had a long weekend, that extra day of rest will make you feel ‘sian’ coming to work. You miss the late night mahjong sessions and the waking up when it’s 3pm feeling and you wonder why you are working and not on M.C. When you go on two weeks leave and return to 1357 emails, that’s really ‘sian‘ level 99.

Work cover

If your colleague goes on a long leave and you are the unlucky one covering his work, you’ll probably spend the days till his return complaining, “a lot of work sia, damn sian“. And why not? You are paid the same but doing two jobs . Of course it’s damn ‘sian‘. But what can you do? Life goes on. You’ll have your leaves. Suck it up.

Month end

Some jobs get you really busy come month end. Office workers in the finance department will know best. When everyone else is knocking off on the dot and you have to stay back late to finish your work, you wonder why you work. You wonder about work-life balance. You can’t wait to finish and go home. Then the next month comes again and the cycle repeats. Wah, sian.

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