The 3 Common Fears of Office Workers

Unsplash / Pixabay

Everyone has different fears in life. Some may fear cockroaches, some lizards. However when it comes to work, there are common fears among office workers.


Just like in school, lateness is frowned upon and naturally when you are running late, you feel your heartbeat go up and your boss’ impression of you go down. You fear being reprimanded or worse still being issued a warning letter. If you are in a MRT on the way to work, you curse your luck when the train breaks down. But then again, the train breaks down with such regularity that you can count yourself lucky when it breaks down because then it becomes a legit reason to be late.

Sudden Meeting

If you have heard murmurs of a probable restructuring, if you know you haven’t been performing. That’s when fear creeps up to you in a big way when your boss calls you into his room for a meeting suddenly. There’s nothing worse than to be told your rice bowl is smashed.

Last Minute Work

With modern day demands of work-life balance, any last minute work thrown at you with deadlines to beat is much feared and frowned upon. Worse still when your weekend plans become uncertain because you may have to come back to work. Everything lies with your boss’ decision at 5pm and when you receive that email, you fear the worst.

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