One Man Coffee – Iced White


I love my coffee in various forms – be it latte, mocha or even kopi-peng (iced coffee). Better still, find a nice cosy corner in a cafe, sip coffee on a rainy afternoon and watch the days go by.

Over at One Man Coffee at Fusionopolis Two: Kinesis, this little cafe has a cosy setting despite its limited space. There isn’t much sitting space but there is a nice standing table with a good view of the hustle and bustle of office life while enjoying your coffee. I got myself a cup of Iced White recently and am impressed enough to be writing this post to promote them without getting paid.

The Iced White has a very smooth fragrant taste to it and while it’s $6 a cup, it is value for money. The aroma perks you up and somehow getting one on the way to work makes the morning less dreary.

You don’t feel like you are going to be diabetic from drinking this and here’s what’s really good – the nice people at One Man Coffee is offering free coffee every Monday for the month of December at the Fusionopolis Two outlet. You’re left with two dates unfortunately but yes, you don’t pay a single cent although you can still drop a tip or a donation if you want to.


One Man Coffee
KINESIS #01-15
CALL (65) 8181 2479
8AM – 5PM (MON – FRI)

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