Now you can impress your friends with bold, italics and strikethrough in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has amassed a large crowd of users to the extent that some companies even have chat groups within departments for work exchanges. What was previously missing was the formatting of the text to highlight importance of certain information and now, it’s finally here.

WhatsApp users can now stress their points a little bit more when messaging others in the app.

The app’s most recent update now includes the ability to add text formatting, which includes bold, italics and strikethrough. This means users will be able to stress the fact that their message is going too long unanswered by using italics, or use strikethrough to change their thought.

Adding these formatting features make WhatsApp more like a desktop word processor, finally bringing it up to par with other chat apps like Slack.

And learning how to master the format options is easy — all you have to do is remember the keyboard commands.

To bold text, the user must add an asterisk (commonly known as the * symbol) before and after the word(s).

Bold Example: What’s for *lunch*?

To use italics, the user puts an underscore before and after the word(s).

Italics Example: _Hello_ Are you there?

To use strikethrough (which crosses out the word or phrase), insert a tilde (the squiggly dash that looks like this ~) before and after the words.

Strikethrough Example: Want to go for ~dinner~ drinks?

WhatsApp users can also get really creative with it and combine two or three of these options at the same time. This can be done by typing something like _*what’s up_*, or I ~*don’t*~ care.

Users who already have WhatApps downloaded will automatically get version 2.12.17 for iOS and 2.12.535 for Android and can start using the new features. However, others might have to manually update.

The company previously announced the ability to share documents with cloud service integration earlier this month so that users can now share files in the messaging app that are saved on services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Users can attach a PDF from another source like a cloud service by tapping on “Browse other docs.” They can also tap on Media from contact or group info to view PDFs that they send and receive on the Android version.

The app also added the ability to share photos, and pinch to zoom in on videos.

WhatsApp is available to download for iOS and Android free free.

This article first appeared on Tech Crunch.

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