Manzoku – The Chirashi Don

Chirashi Set ちらし寿司— SGD 25.00

Chirashi Set ちらし寿司— SGD 25.00

The Chirashi set that Manzoku offers is a work of art.

Thick, beautiful slices of salmon, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail, egg (tamago) & the freshest tasting Ikura layered over a bed of sushi rice.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I won’t say no to that.

If the absurdly thick, humongous slice is just not your thing, go for the Barachirashi don. It is just as satisfying, in bite sizes and at a lower price:

Barachirashi don  ばらすし — SGD 18.00

Barachirashi don  ばらすし — SGD 18.00

With the (almost) identical contents, the barachirashi is just as satisfying on the palette and so, so easy on the eyes. Just look at it.

But because I am greedy, I go for the Chirashi set every time. There is just something curiously satisfying about chewing on the slices that the Barachirashi cannot offer.

Other than the raw foods, Manzoku offers a wide range of cooked food, including yakimono (the grilled) and even nabemono (hotpot).

Just some of the Yakimono that Manzoku has on the menu.

Some of the grilled offerings at Manzoku. 

The food standard in general is good.

If what you are seeing here looks curiously familiar, this is because Manzoku is the (younger) sister restaurant to the very popular Chikuwa Tei.

The restaurant is filled when it comes to the peak periods, but there are always still one or two empty seats around. I would say walk-ins are safe.

But make a online reservation, or give a call, if you want to be sure.


18 Purvis Street, Singapore 188597
Tel: +65 6734 4436


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