How To Get Through The Ups & Downs of Working Life For 2016


It’s a brand new year and as old calendars get thrown away for new ones, what better time then now to start everything afresh for an even better year ahead. Well, unless you’ve been on a great run then of course, keep going!

Are you mentally ready for the work ahead? The different challenges each project will bring? Life is full of ups and downs and work is certainly no different. And how do you cope with a daily ride on that rollercoaster?

Just surf on to Journal of Office Workers regularly to get your regular fix of relaxant. Here’s why you should do so.

We like a laugh!

When do you use Facebook or use social media? When you just want to destress or find out what your friends have been up to. Basically anything but serious work. That’s why we do what we do. Write articles that are lighthearted and about the bits and pieces around us that make us happier. We don’t do serious and heavy stuff. We like a laugh, we are regular office workers!

Regular people

We are regular people and that means the stuff we put up here are the bo liao things we talk when we chillax in some random cafes at Tiong Bahru or some neighbourhood kopitiams… So more often than not, you will relate to what we have to say, complain or gossip. And when you can relate with us, you know whatever downs you face at work, you are not alone. We are all in the same boat!

Positive energy

When you immerse yourself everyday with positivity and have a good laugh, the world will be a happy place no matter how bad you had it at work. Positive energy is infectious and it rubs off people even if it’s from reading short happy articles at Journal of Office Workers!

There you have it, three simple reasons to drop by for your regular dosage to get you through the ups and downs of working life.

Have a great 2016!

When I’m not at work, I’m into the arts, music and history. Football’s my other big love so if I’m not around museums and galleries, I’m probably on the field. If I still can’t be found, I’m having my me time.