Four Ways to Hold On to Your Job

With all the talk of a looming recession, losing your job can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone – especially if you have a heavy financial commitment each month. The trick is to give no one any reason to strike you off the payroll and also for you to find enough joy and satisfaction at work to keep going. Read on to find out how to keep yourself employed.

Keep yourself busy

It pays to be paranoid at times. Keep abreast of the direction your company is heading. Make sure what you are doing is relevant. If it isn’t, make sure you find something relevant to throw yourself into. Take on more responsibilities. Make yourself indispensable. If there’s a time that pays to be a busy bee, it’s now.

Make yourself known

Some people leave the company and no one notices and the chances are no one really knows what they do in the company either. Raise your profile. Make sure people know what you are doing. More importantly, make sure your boss knows what you are doing and how you are contributing to the company. Better still, make sure your boss’s boss knows as well. Be proactive and have informed questions ready to ask during meetings.

Continuous learning

Never stop learning. When you learn new skills or acquire new knowledge, you add value to yourself as well as your personal brand. When you become a well of knowledge and have a deep understanding of how the company and the business works, it makes you a valuable asset to the company. It also reflects well on you as a person. As long as you provide good value to the company, you are likely to stay employed. Even if you do not, the skills and knowledge you acquired will stick with you and that can only bring more value on a personal level.

Love your job

Lastly but most importantly, learn to love your job unless you are already planning to leave. There are people out there who would love to be in your shoes. Remember how you felt when you first started. If you enjoy what you do, you’d naturally indulge yourself in the job and produce consistently good work. And if you’re consistently producing good work, you would be motivated to hit greater heights. No company would want to lose an obviously motivated employee.

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