Five Telltale Signs Of Office Romance

By now, everyone in Singapore would know who David Ong and Wendy Lim are. If you still do not have an idea who they are, where have you been?! So it seems things have been going behind everyone’s back and truth be told, it’s probably more common than you think. Especially if it’s just plain romancing in the office. Here’re five telltale signs your co-workers are dating:

1. Close proximity

The distance between two people is often a clear indication of the closeness they share. You don’t keep a stranger’s distance from your spouse, do you? Observe your co-workers. If they stand closer to each other than normal people do, it could mean something. Like the space is very cramped. Yeah, right. Even more obvious would be the closeness of the body language – like being more touchy than normal in a typical conversation .

2. Deliberate distance

As much as they exhibit close proximity with their body language (often subconsciously), they will try to deliberately distance themselves just so they are not often seen with each other. You may also experience frequent sightings of the couple coming to work together but walking into the office 2 mins apart or leaving work separately, only to wait somewhere discreetly for the other party.

3. Out of Office

When one goes missing, the other goes missing as well. One could be on annual leave while the other is on M.C. Vice versa. Once is coincidental, twice is incidental. Something’s happening…

4. Break time

Every moment spent together is precious and that includes tea breaks, smoke breaks and what have you. Whatever break you can think of, chances are the couple will do together – and frequently. It may be just five minutes but when you have a budding romance in the office, this is like a “co-worker’s quickie”.

5. Mention the name

Try criticizing the partner and watch for signs if your co-worker staunchly defend the alleged partner. Or just go bring up the name in a casual conversation and watch the interest level in the conversation spike in the partner. Better still if the signs are all there, irk the alleged partner with praises or even affection for the co-worker. Better still, “dirty talk” about that co-worker and then watch out for the wrath of the green-eyed monster .

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