Five of the Worst Bosses You’ll Ever Meet


Imagine yourself facing the most hated person on earth. Imagine yourself facing the most hated person on earth five days a week, eight hours a day. Imagine that person is your boss.

Here are five of the worst bosses you’ll ever meet.

The Micromanager

This boss leaves you with no room for self expression, no air to breathe, no space to move. The micromanager will assign you projects and then tell you exactly what he wants at each step of the project. Or he will keep checking on your progress… until you feel like he is the one handling the project. Oh wait. Maybe he is. And you’re just the human robot executioner.

The No Lifer

When you are leaving the office you see your boss still working hard at his desk. When you come in the next morning, he is already at his desk in the same posture as if he has never left the office. His clothes are the only giveaway. That’s not too bad since he never bothers you. Until he starts giving you last minute work or pile up your desk expecting you to work as hard and sell your soul to the company. Until you start to feel uncomfortable leaving earlier than the boss and appear to be slacking only because the boss raised the bar to obscene levels. Then you check your email and see the boss’ email coming in at 3:16am. This boss has no life. Siao liao.

The Everything Can Boss

Chase the most impossible deadlines, do things even out of your scope. This boss promises clients everything. Really. Everything and anything. After all, they are not the one doing it. It’s you, you and you. Every time this boss asks you to do something humanly impossible, you feel like getting him to work on it himself. And sack him in the process of doing that.

The Abuser

Probably the worst in this list, the abuser doesn’t do human rights. You get shouted at, even his normal tone is loud and abusive. He doesn’t care about feelings or rights. It’s all work – either you’re in or you’re out. To most, this boss is simply a monster who doesn’t give a damn about his subordinates. Nothing gets in his way to get a job done. He’ll probably kick the stray cat away if it gets in his way.

The Hao Lian One

This arrogant, snobbish thinks-he-knows-it-all of a boss always belittle his subordinates. He will make you feel worthless while inflating his own ego. He will go “tsk, like this you also don’t know?” before proceeding to show you and putting himself in cloud nine. Or he will brag to you about his past accomplishments and feed you history lessons which you have as much interest as knowing how an atom moves from point a to point b. Or does it?

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