Five Common Bad Work Habits of Office Workers

Journal of Office Workers

When was the last time you did something without giving it much of a thought? This action become a part of your everyday life and when you do it repeatedly every day, it becomes a habit. People say bad habits die hard. It’s true – especially if you develop these work habits, they don’t only die hard, you will die hard too.

1. Skipping lunch

If you try skipping lunch at work one day, you’ll find yourself experiencing utopia-like serenity. Everyone is out for lunch, you suddenly feel doubly focused and your productivity increases. With good music playing, the office has never felt this good. The temptation to slog it out during lunch so that you can knock off on the dot is so great that you start doing it on a regular basis. Then you start to develop a habit as well as… at the very least gastric problems. Good luck to your health.

2. Checking emails at home

There is a reason why there are things like 40 hour work week and work-life balance. Checking emails at home is almost like the antithesis of everything about work life balance. Live a life. You are already spending up to eight hours at work, making a living. Go spend time with friends or family after work. Work never ends but relationships and lifespan do.

3. Slouching at desk

Yeah we know, we know. Who doesn’t? When you’re sitting comfortably at your desk, we all have a tendency to slouch. Never mind the ergonomically designed chairs, it’s human nature to slouch especially when you’re in the same position for the longest time. Sure we know it’s not good for the spinal cord. Get up and walk around. Don’t get fixed into a position like a wax figure!

4. Stare at the monitor for prolonged period

Do you feel your eyes tearing at work? If you do, that’s a sure sign of your eyes getting tired and strained. Take regular breaks and every 20 minutes, look away from the computer for at least 20 seconds. Afraid that you won’t remember to take breaks? Stick a post-it and remind yourself. Remember, better eyes, better life.

5. Snacking while working

If it isn’t already bad that you have gradually stopped exercising since you’ve started working, things can get only worse if you snack while you work. If you haven’t start, don’t. If you are already doing so, stop snacking!

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