Five Cheapo Stunts Singaporeans Pull In The Office

Singaporeans are one kind of a cheapo. Along with kiasuism which is in ingrained in our DNA, our ability to be cheapo are almost second to none. Not convinced? Here are five ways this ability manifests itself in the office.

1. Stationery

One of the most obvious cheapo stunts we pull is when we bring the office stationery home for personal use. Need a pen? No problem. Marker? No problem. The list goes on. Even the paper tray you fold to hold the dog’s poo comes from the office. The office is like the stationery supplier for your family.

2. Printer

Photostating services in the neighbourhood are a dying trade simply because everyone can photostat in the office. Better still when you need a coloured copy because it saves you 50cts. It’s all well and good until the office reminds you the printer should not be for personal use.

3. Pantry

If there are freebies, you can be sure there will be Singaporeans who will pull a cheapo stunt. Anytime, anywhere, why not the pantry? When you see the sugar and creamer sachets being used up fast… Oh and don’t forget the stirrers. They’ll all come in handy at home.

4. Overseas call

We all know overseas call are expensive. Well, not anymore if you are able to dial in for free in the office. Just don’t get caught.

5. Refurbished computers

Ever bought a refurbished computer from your office? Ever bought one when you have absolutely no need for it only because it’s dirt cheap? If you had, you’re a cheapo. Just kidding of course! Who doesn’t want a cheap deal!

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