5 Arty Farty Singaporean Instagrammers To Follow

If you think Singaporeans are a practical lot with every waking moment spent in the office earning dough and otherwise splurging on food and entertainment, you can’t be further from the truth. If you think there is a dearth of artistic talents in Singapore simply because you haven’t seen many on Facebook, you ain’t seen nothing yet on Instagram. Instagram has a more personal touch as compared to Facebook and it is here that you really get to see the art farty stuff people do.

Now, read on for the five Instagrammers you should follow.

1. @friedricebucket

@friedricebucket amassed even more followers to his account when he drew a portait of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. His art is usually painstakingly drawn using overlapping words to shade and highlight the entire portrait. You have to see it to appreciate the talent.

2. @orhganic

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By itself, the images at @orhganic are pretty brilliant. However, to understand the brilliance and creativity at work, you have to view the profile page to see for yourself the meticulous planning and thought behind the composition of the monochromatic images. Great stuff.

3. @leeyikkeat

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I don’t know @leeyikkeat but from what I can see, he has something for architecture and shapes. Almost every image in this account captures a building or two in some fascinating angle. Just go through his profile and it’s a visual feast.

4. @sh3ngy

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Similar to the previous Instagrammer, @sh3ngy exhibits a keen eye for architecture and shapes. This account though, places more emphasis on the pretty patterns formed by the buildings and with a consistently clear somewhat filterless lighting, this is another account to behold.

5. @_yaisyusman_ and @_yafiqyusman_

This pair of talented twin brothers have a following of almost 65k captivated by their interesting juxtaposition of images as well as creative art direction. Each account is super in its own right and you just wonder what happens when their powers combine.

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