CNY 2016 – Most Auspicious Date To Go Back To The Office According To Your Zodiac

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Exactly two more weeks to the Chinese New Year and before you know it, the holiday break will be over and you will be back at work in the office. Before you come back for the long slog, you might want to check out the most auspicious date to resume your work in the office – according to your zodiac.

If you haven’t seen the table below (source:, I’ll simplify it here.

Most auspicious date to start work

12 February for everyone except if your zodiac sign is Horse
18 February for everyone except zodiac sign Rat and with Annual Leaves to spare! This date is basically telling you to go on a long break. Six full days of leaves – it had better be auspicious.

Inauspicious date to start work

I interpret it as every other day is fine for everyone. Just not as auspicious or in this case as inauspicious for some zodiac signs.

10 February – Avoid if your zodiac sign is Dragon
12 February
Horses get no most auspicious date until the 18th. Just avoid starting work on this date if you’re a horse.
15 February – Avoid if you’re a Rooster
16 February – A no no if you’re a Dog (seriously at this point I doubt anyone will actually go on leave and come back any later – unless you went overseas?)
18 FebruaryRat misses out on the second most auspicious date. Bad day to start work for the zodiac sign Rat.
19 February – Avoid if you’re an Ox
22 February – Avoid if you’re a Dragon
24 February – Avoid if you’re a Horse. At this point if you are still not back in the office, your year ahead is almost definitely inauspicious. That’s ten days of leaves gone with 2016 barely past the first quarter. Good luck!

Auspicious Dates for Work Commencement
in the Year of Monkey (2016)

(Gregorian Calendar)
(Lunar Calendar)
Auspicious Time
Best Date
Unsuitable Zodiac
10th February (Wednesday) 3rd Day (正月初三) 7am – 11am Dragon
12th February (Friday) 5th Day (正月初五) 7am – 11am ***** Horse
15th February (Monday) 8th Day (正月初八) 7am – 3pm Rooster
16th February (Tuesday) 9th Day (正月初九) 7am – 3pm Dog
18th February (Thursday) 11th Day (正月十一) 7am – 3pm ***** Rat
19th February (Friday) 12th Day (正月十二) 7am – 3pm Ox
22nd February (Monday) 15th Day (正月十五) 9am – 11am Dragon
24th February (Wednesday) 17th Day (正月十七) 9am – 11am Horse
***** – Represent Best Day to start work
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