Can Your Boss Be Your Friend?

A boss is just like you and me and that means they will have their own friends, people whom they chill out with, crack lame jokes with. A boss likely started out just like you and me, applying for a position in the company and awaiting eagerly for that interview to clinch the job. The only difference is – he or she is your boss. And the truth be told, it is an uneasy and awkward friendship to begin with, never mind maintaining it.

There are so many dynamics at work that makes such a friendship different as compared to one with your co-workers and here’s what would probably run through your mind.

What would people think?

No, really. You think your boss is a nice person and would make a great friend. You let your guard down and feel that your boss treats you as a friend as well. All’s well and good but that’s only between you and your boss. What would your colleagues think when they see you forming a great friendship with your boss? Would you be seen as a bootlicker? Would you be seen as fake? As much as these seem overthinking to some extent, when tongues wag, these external factors do affect your sub-conscious mind, one way or the other.

Watch what you say

If you think your boss friend has it easier to maintain the friendship, you can’t be further from the truth. As friends, you’ll naturally share bits and pieces about your personal life and many more. You may even casually blurt out things which another colleague told you in confidence and this in turn is taken in by your boss friend and it would probably play in the back of their mind if it concerns work. With a boss friend, there is a larger grey area of minefield which you want to avoid going into when you both hold a casual conversation. And you’d hope your boss friend thinks likewise.

Bossy friend

Things get trickier when it comes to work. Will you be able to separate work and friendship? Will your boss friend be able to do that? As your boss, he or she will likely bark down orders when in a mad rush to meet deadlines – can you accept your friend bossing you around in harsh tones? Oh wait, that’s your boss, not friend at that point in time.

In truth, as long as you are able to negotiate the points above, a boss is just like you and me – you both work for a living and your friend just happens to be your boss. Simple.

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