An Observation in the Lift

crowded lift

Every morning, I take a five minute walk from the MRT station to my office. I walk into the building and despite the six lifts that service the entire building, it takes an eternity for just one lift to come get me to my floor. In that eternity, it seems like the entire Singapore population gathered at the lobby and when the lift door opens, it’s MRT train Mark II.

So everyone squeezes into the lift, as packed as you can imagine. Then the door opens at the second storey, something happens. Do you remember the game Unblock on your smartphones? Someone will step out to make way and the rest inside the lift reshuffle themselves, slotting into the available space so that the office worker at the back can squeeze out. See diagram below:


Yup, this is the puzzle played out daily in the lift. Can’t wait for the next puzzle. #justmusing

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