A Passion For Acting – Gim Goh

Photo by Tan Yew Hui

Photo by Tan Yew Hui

In this second post of the series, we managed to grab a quick session with someone who may look familiar to you. You may have seen him on the big screen, TV commercials (such as this or this) or even on bus adverts. A budding actor with an innate passion for performing arts, here’s Gim Goh Yun Kai.

Tell us how you got into acting.

I don’t really know how I got myself here. But I know since when I was a small boy, I may already liked doing things to get people’s attention. I didn’t purposely get people’s attention by doing things but maybe I did things that caught people’s attention.

I remember when I was Primary One, I was chosen to perform a dance on stage with my Indian teacher in front of the entire school. I ended up having a bad tummy ache and got stuck in the toilet. I was also picked to do a storytelling segment when i was Primary Four. I have always been the joker in class. The next time I was asked to perform was when I was in Secondary Three. I sang Daniel Chan’s song for a Talent Time competition, with a friend as the pianist. That time I was really into Daniel Chan and Aaron Kwok’s songs. I loved impersonating them.

When I was enlisted into the Army, I was hoping to get into Music and Dance Company but ended up as a clerk to my disappointment. When I completed my National Service, I got myself to study graphic arts in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I chanced upon a music school conducting singing lessons. I enrolled in the school, learnt the most basic things and even learnt that I can do a Mr. Bean and Aaron Kwok’s impersonation in a fun way.

After leaving the music school, I coincidentally saw on TV that Channel 8 was looking for participants for their own show as a competition. I successfully entered the competition but was easily kicked out of the competition.

After the competition, I tried to stay on to see if I can get more TV or acting experience. But I failed to, so I went for a stable job as a graphic designer in a small F & B firm. Sadly eight months later, I was sacked from the job and deemed incompetent as I keep dozing off during work.

I then decided to do something more proactive and I became a property agent in the hope that this job wouldn’t bore me to death. Two months later, a fellow property agent told me I should do something that I want to do. I took his advice. In 2009, I left my job as a property agent and went for my first audition.

Since then I have been involved in movies like, Anthony Chen’s Ilo Ilo and Royston Tan’s 3688. Channel 5 office comedy series, Payday and numerous TV commercials and promotional ads.

How long have you been acting?

It’s 2009 since my first audition. I officially freelanced full-time as an actor since then. So it’s been around 7 years now.

What made you decide to choose acting as a career?

I couldn’t find anything else that can relate to life, and what I actually want to do in life except acting.

What is the greatest job satisfaction you get from acting?

Greatest? I don’t really know yet. But I think it’s either to really feel great after I think I’ve fulfilled my role in the script or I think it’s really a blessing to be able to make people laugh or make someone happy.

One last question, what is the one role you would love to act?

I’ve done too many comedic roles from the start. I am really trying hard to find myself in a love story, as I always hope to fall in love. Or some serious cop shit?

Editor’s notes: Thank you Gim for taking the time out for the interview!

When I’m not at work, I’m into the arts, music and history. Football’s my other big love so if I’m not around museums and galleries, I’m probably on the field. If I still can’t be found, I’m having my me time.