5 Signs of Office Bromances

According to the Urban Dictionary, bromance is a non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close. In the office environment, you would find guys who share common interests such as football, gadgets or uhmm, women. How do you tell which friendship actually extends beyond the office and blossoms into a bromance?

Lunch buddies

One very obvious sign is when two guys are regular lunch buddies. Lunch time is their catch up time and also the time for them to exchange crap, jokes and life stories.

Inside joke

The two guys will often have their own inside joke and you will find them laughing nonsensically at something that isn’t remotely funny. Other times, you will notice them chuckling at their own desks. Not because work is funny, more like them sharing a joke over the office messaging system.

Social media tagging

The extent of the bromance goes beyond the office. After work, the jokes and communication lines are kept open via social media by means of tagging and sharing lame posts. Some bromances involves lots of bantering and taunts but make no mistake, this is how bromances develop.

Hanging out

You don’t hang around someone you dislike and with bromances, you’ll see the two guys together at tea breaks, pantry and even toilets. Throw in the occasional chillax session after work, that’s a definite sign of a budding bromance.

Same frequency

When two people get along very well with each other, it’s usually because both share the same frequency. Be it jokes, character or likings, the similarities are often striking. Bromances are no different.

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