4 Alternative Work Resolutions for 2016

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2015 is drawing to an end and 2016 beckons. If you never had your resolutions met, it could be because they are too vague, too far-fetched or simply too “out of your control”. Or they could be too cliché that you don’t really put much thought in when writing down those new year resolutions. Or you probably didn’t really care. However, if the following alternative resolutions are within your control and may help make your life in the office better, maybe you should start to care more.

Plan your leaves

If you haven’t had much of a break in December, or in fact never felt like you utilized your leaves in 2015, it’s time you plan your leaves for 2016. Instead of feeling burnt out like you have been in 2015, start planning your leaves and holidays for 2016. Check out the long weekends in 2016. If you can, take the entire December off. That would certainly rejuvenate you like it used to during school days – the December holidays.

Learn something new

Every week, try to learn something new. Try to find out something that you have always doubted. Just make sure you are learning something new every week that adds to your job and CV. If you pick up a new skill each week, you’d have acquired 52 new skills by the end of next year. Imagine also how beneficial it will be to your work as you become more efficient and productive with your new skills and knowledge.

Give something back to the company

Definitely not money. You have worked hard for that, so nope. Rather, give some of your time to your department, or company by participating in company events or helping to organize department outings etc. Simply, when you get yourself involved, you will feel a greater sense of belonging to the company and your colleagues and when relationships and bonds form, the workplace will be a better place than one where you drag yourself to everyday.

Take everything a little less seriously

At the end of the day, work is just something that you do that pays you and allows you to put the bread on the table. Sometimes getting all stressed up over work gets you nowhere and could even hinder or blind out the possibilities and solutions. Take a step back and remember to take everything a little less seriously because every time you look back at every obstacle you faced at work, you will look back and smile because, tough times never last, tough guys do.

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