3 Types of People You Hate to Meet When You Are Rushing

Orient Chronograph

Imagine you are in a rush. You can’t wait to get to your destination in the shortest time possible. Imagine your boss walking into the office to see your empty seat. Imagine walking late into a meeting. Now imagine your blood pressure shooting up when you meet these people on the way.

Smartphone Worshippers

Heads bowed, in total oblivion to the world around them, smartphone worshippers worship anywhere, everywhere these days. In the train, in a food court and even while walking. Yes, walking. At their solemn best, these worshippers crawl to a max speed of 2.15km/h. When you are in a rush and stuck behind these, you wished you can grab the smartphone and throw it to some faraway land. And tell them to worship there. Go away.

Marching Contingent

Whether they know one another is irrelevant. A marching contingent walk at the same pace across the walkway blocking out the entire passage way. No way to overtake unless you “Scuse me!” or squirm past them. Them with the headphones on. Now, when a contingent knows one another and are laughing and joking along the way, I can almost hear your very loud “Scuse me!!”. And in your head you’d go “siam la!”


On normal days, you can be the angel on earth but not on days when you are rushing for time. You have all the time for Askers when you are in the mood and who are the Askers? People selling credit cards, or asking for a minute of your time to do a survey. Minute? What minute! I don’t even have a second to spare!! Askers who can’t tell that you are in a mad rush probably deserve to experience  your wrath. There are the really suay Askers as well – those who are not working but merely passerby asking for directions and stuffs like this, “excuse me, what time is it now ah?” Arghhhhh!

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