3 Commonly Misused Words and Phrases in Singapore Email Writing


We’re not perfect, we really aren’t. But if there is anything we could try to be perfect in, it’s email writing. Why? Well, basically that’s your only mode of professional communication with co-workers, clients and customers. In addition, your BOSS. So picture how big a hole you have to dig to hide in if your CEO was to point out that the word or phrase you have been using all your life is WRONG. #facepalm won’t even save you the embarrassment trust me.

This tops my list. Why do people like to use please revert to me as soon as possible? To revert means to change something back to its original state.

For example: I’m going to revert the design of the banner.

Means: I’m going to change the design of the banner to what it was initially.

So what should I use then when I want someone to reply me?

Simple, just use reply. Alternatively, you can consider please respond to me. Remember, the art of communication isn’t about how bombastic a word you can spell. It’s how well your audience and reader understand what you say and write.

As I was spelling the word out, Word immediately flagged it out to me by underlining it in red. There is no such word as irregardless. Yes yes I know. You went to oxford.com or merriam.com and saw that there is INDEED such a word. But no. The Internet has marred English so bad that even chillax got recognized as a word. Go ask your journalist friend if he/she wants to chillax tonight irregardless of the weather. I hope you don’t get unfriended or blocked.

What’s wrong with this?! It’s correct what! No, get out. It’s incorrect. You can send someone your regards (warm wishes) but you can never use with regards just because you want to express your 100 concerns over a matter.

Wrong: I would like to hold a meeting with regards to the year-end promotion.

Good example: I would like to hold a meeting with/in regard to the year-end promotion.

Another good example: I would like to hold a meeting regarding the year-end promotion.

It’s not hard, is it?

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